“Your watch is meant to be used – Always”

E.C.Andersson Watch Co. creates versatile watches with high quality, developed to endure all challenges, occasions, and environments in your daily life.

Our company has a strong relationship with the sailing tradition of western Sweden and strives to create watches that matches both the harsh climate out at sea and the more formal, social environment once docked in harbor. Watches with the sole focus on versatility and durability, made with high-quality materials, equipped with reliable mechanical movements. On all models, you will find at least 100-meter water resistance, a sapphire crystal glass, screw-down crown and at least one weatherproof strap option.

Watches made to endure You

Always Limited

E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is passionate about the process of bringing innovative designs to life, balancing the fine line between progressive and classic sophistication. The creative process is important to us, which is why we are unwilling to produce big batches of each model, and rather focus on extensive quality control and deliver exclusive designs aimed for conscious customers.

We always make sure to use movements with the highest reliability, that are easy to service and will last long enough to be passed on for generations. Keeping spare parts for every model is your insurance, making sure each watch is able to be revived if damaged even years ahead.


The Scandinavian design philosophy

The Scandinavian way of design is clean, sophisticated, functional and durable. E.C.Andersson Watch Co. has embodied the Scandinavian design language, not by studying it, but as a given natural course.

Having its head office in Gothenburg, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is based in the center of Scandinavia, surrounded by the natural beauty of northern climate. The salty ocean winds consistently reminding us of the relentless Northern Sea, pushing its waves up Sweden’s rocky shores, and the breathing pine forests, howling of natural wildlife.