Performance Center

E.C.Andersson Performance Center

E.C.Andersson’s main competitive key points are unique designs, limited editions, and outstanding accuracy. We want to deliver a watch that is better than any other in our segment, watches that will make the wearer feel proud and exclusive. Our strive towards perfection is therefore never-ending. Our Performance Center is key to this ever-evolving process, where our in-house craftsmen personally make sure each watch is cared for in the most surgical manner.

In-House Precision Certified

Starting with the Calypso Premium, selected E.C.A models from 2018 and onwards will be regulated by hand in our Performance Center, located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The process ensures a consistent accuracy of within -1 and +4 seconds per 24 hours running time, with a maximum deviation of +-4 seconds.

Every individual watch is fully wound and laid to rest for 10-30 minutes before tested in a Timegrapher to find the running values of the movement. The movement is thereafter regulated in 5 positions to the point where a daily rate is achieved within Precision Certification standard. The watch is then placed in a winder for simulated wear during 24h, before tested once more. Testing is made at room temperature. When the accuracy is guaranteed to be consistent, the watch is packaged and delivered.

A Precision Certificate in form of a plastic approval card is attached to all watch boxes containing a certified E.C.Andersson watch.

Even non-certified models are hand-regulated in our Performance Center, assuring within -3/+9 seconds in max deviation per day, with a maximum average rate within -2/+7 seconds per day.

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