Our philosophy is simple and can be described in a single sentence:

“Your watch is meant to be used – Always”


Creating versatile watches with high quality, developed to endure all challenges, occasions, and environments in your daily life.

Raised into a proud tradition of sailing, we strive to create watches that match both the harsh climate out at sea and the more formal, social environment once docked in harbor. A people’s brand, fitting most wallets, without compromising quality. Always mechanical automatic, made of durable materials with a progressive, yet sophisticated design.

A watch made to endure You


Always Limited

We pride ourselves on being unique, always striving for new ideas and designs.

Making watches with shapes and lines that have never been seen before is an intriguing process, balancing the fine line between progressive and classic.

Designing an E.C.A. model takes hundreds of work hours and dozens of choices between finished models until we decide that next one. This process is our passion, and therefore, all of our models are limited to a small number of maximum 250 pieces, which means they won’t be reproduced.


The Scandinavian design philosophy

The Scandinavian way of design is clean, sophisticated, functional and durable. Northerners simply enjoy products that will last, both in quality and style.

E.C.Andersson Watch Co. has embodied the Scandinavian design language, not by studying it, but as a given natural course.

Having its head office in Gothenburg, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is based in the center of Scandinavia, surrounded by the natural beauty of northern climate. The salty ocean winds consistently reminding us of the relentless Northern Sea, pushing its waves up Sweden’s rocky shores, and the breathing pine forests, howling of natural wildlife.

We are Scandinavia